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InSource Power is a top Energy Broker in the United States. Established in 2007, InSource Power provides electricity and natural gas consumers a single source with access to the top retail energy providers in deregulated energy markets across the country. Our main goal is to provide our clients with price security and budget certainty resulting in long term savings solutions against unpredictable energy prices. We have a strong track record for helping our clients maximize profits by reducing energy costs over a period of up to five years.

"The objective of deregulation is to offer energy customers greater choice, both among suppliers and services. Ideally, that will result in increased efficiency and dollar savings. But savings do not come automatically; the consumer must make a choice." (Source; US Dept. of Energy)

Why InSource Power?

With greater control of energy costs, most businesses can realize significant savings. Deregulation provides an opportunity for your company to lock in lower energy costs for up to five years. InSource Power is currently one of the strongest energy brokers in the nation for the following reasons:

Expert Help

Get unbiased expert analysis on every provider available in your market while taking your business' needs into account.

Time Savings

Instead of wasting time calling multiple providers, let us run a competitive bid between providers on your behalf.

Find the best rate under a 100% protected agreement

When electricity companies are competing for your business, InSource Power can find you the best option available in your territory.

No initial cost or commitment

The best part is that there is NO UPFRONT COST and NO INITIAL COMMITMENT to shop your energy through InSource Power. All we need is a few minutes of your time and a copy of your most recent energy bill.

InSource Knowledge and Experience

InSource Power's marketing and research teams have extensive knowledge in each of the deregulated energy markets across the US and can assist residential and commercial clients in making informed decisions that will reduce their electricity and natural gas costs. Our portfolio of business clients across the country have realized maximized savings on electric and natural gas bills.

Save Time and Money: We facilitate a full competitive bidding process

1. We handle all of the paperwork.
2. We do all of the legwork.
3. We track your accounts to ensure proper enrollment.
4. We track your accounts to ensure accurate billing.


Consulting and Cost Optimization

InSource Power’s full range of services will be available throughout the entire term of your agreement with our providers. Services include:

  • Consulting on energy agreements and quotes
  • Competitive Bidding on electricity and natural gas costs
  • Energy Cost Optimization for your business
  • Bill Auditing (additional costs may apply)
  • Resolutions through Providers on all billing matters

Our company will provide a custom energy cost savings forecast containing a detailed breakdown of your savings. We will utilize our knowledge and expertise to ensure that your provider contract protects you from rate increases for the term of your agreement. With InSource Power the decision to contract with any specific energy supplier is always yours.

Products & Agreements

All-Inclusive Fixed Rate

This is our initial proposal to all new clients. All components of a customer's energy supply costs are included in the quoted price per kWh. Price per kWh will not change throughout the entire term that the client is under contract with our provider.

Index Fixed Adder

This is a product which only includes a portion of a customer's energy supply costs in the quoted price per kWh. The price per kWh will change monthly based on the energy components not included in the quoted rate.

Competitive Bid

Your energy market includes a large number of Retail Energy Providers (REPs). The best way to take advantage of the competitive energy market is to identify and compare all available options for your business' energy supply. Through our competitive bidding process, we are able to identify the risks and benefits of each REP in your market and the products they offer. This process will ensure that your business makes the right decision when choosing an energy agreement.

The main benefits of processing a Competitive Bid through InSource Power are as follows:

  • Informs our providers that your organization is looking to enter into an energy agreement and encourages each of them to make their best effort (in both price and product) to win your business.
  • Allows your business to compare all of the options available in your market through one source, InSource Power.
  • Determines the best product for your business: all-inclusive fixed, index fixed adder, or hybrid agreement. Determination is based on current market standing, your load volatility, and the current cost of each component of your energy supply.

Send us your energy bill
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Scan or take a clear photo of your bill, then upload the file using the form below. Separate bills required for each meter.

You can also fax your bill to 212-208-2918. Questions? Call us 800-431-7769

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About Deregulation

Prior to deregulation your utility/delivery company was responsible for all aspects of your energy service. Now there are two main types of companies: retail energy providers (REPs) and the transmission and distribution service providers, or "poles and wires" companies (utility/delivery companies). The utility/delivery company remains regulated.

Deregulation has eliminated the monopolies held by incumbent providers and set the stage for lower energy supply prices in each deregulated state. Consumers in deregulated states have the ability to choose their energy supplier and save on their bills while retaining the same delivery/utility company, making the switch to a new energy provider seamless for the customer. Since the process of deregulation began, InSource Power has helped hundreds of thousands of clients switch their energy supply to one of our many retail energy providers and secure their energy costs for a period of up to (60) sixty months.

Competition in energy markets has led to REPs in each of the deregulated markets across the nation vying to become the preferred provider to businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, and units of local government where utility/delivery companies used to have sole purview. This has resulted in an array of new options available to consumers. InSource Power has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate every provider and product in your market.

Now is the time to take advantage of InSource Power's energy consulting services and the advances in deregulation to secure maximum savings for your business.


Deregulated States:

ME          Electricity & Natural Gas

NH          Electricity & Natural Gas

MA         Electricity & Natural Gas

CT           Electricity & Natural Gas

RI            Electricity & Natural Gas

NY          Electricity & Natural Gas

PA          Electricity & Natural Gas

NJ           Electricity & Natural Gas

DE           Electricity & Natural Gas

DC          Electricity & Natural Gas

MD         Electricity & Natural Gas

OH          Electricity & Natural Gas

MI           Electricity & Natural Gas (partial access)

WV         Natural Gas

VA          Natural Gas

IN           Natural Gas

IL             Electricity & Natural Gas

NC          Natural Gas

SC           Natural Gas

GA          Natural Gas

FL            Natural Gas

TX           Electricity & Natural Gas

CA          Electricity & Natural Gas (partial access)

Begin The Process

To see how much InSource Power can save your company, all we need is a copy of your most recent energy bill and information on your account.

Step 1

Download, print and a fill out a Customer Profile Form

→ Download PDF Form

Step 2

Fax or e-mail the completed form with a copy of your most recent energy bill to InSource Power.

→ Fax Number: 1 (212) 208-2918
→ Email Completed form to:

Step 3

InSource Power will acquire your last 12 months of usage history and provide you with an Energy Cost Savings Forecast for a period of up to (60) sixty months.

Step 4

InSource Power will contact you within 3-5 business days via e-mail or telephone (based on your preference) to discuss the options available for your business.

If you prefer to speak with an InSource Power energy professional in person, submit your request using the link below:

Or just simply call us at 1 800 431-7769


InSource Power is looking for sales agents who are outgoing, dynamic, successful and creative, and have the track record to prove it. Successful candidates will build a business in partnership with a proven industry leader by promoting our industry-leading services to commercial, industrial, and government entities throughout the territory.

What we do:

  • Energy is a key component of every business’ costs 
  • 15 states are deregulated and permit competition
  • There are 9 additional states that are pending deregulation
  • When competition is permitted, prices go down

This position requires someone who is multi-talented. They must be creative, understanding and willing to help others better manage their business.

About You:

  • Minimum of two years sales and/or customer service experience
  • Driven towards success
  • Able to manage relationships, develop new ones and address common problems as they arise
  • Entrepreneurial-minded

We Offer:

  • Unlimited income potential. Most new agents earn nearly $100,000 in less than one year.
  • Flexible hours, no long-distance travel and the ability to work from your own home office.
  • Training. We’ll help you become successful in this industry.
  • The software to manage your business.
  • Unlimited support. Our corporate team will help you make a short and seamless transition into a new career in the energy industry.
  • The ability to be your own boss.

About Us

InSource Power is one of the top Energy Brokers in the nation whose executives have over 20 years of combined experience. InSource Power was established to give commercial, industrial and government entities in deregulated states a single point of contact that will provide them access to the top energy providers in their market. Our main goal is to provide our clients with price security and budget certainty resulting in maximum energy cost savings for their facilities. We have a strong track record in helping our clients reduce their energy costs by up to 50%.

Our main goal is to offer commercial and industrial entities the ability to take full advantage of the competitive energy market. We achieve this goal through our team of professional agents across the country.

"The objective of deregulation is to offer energy customers greater choice, both among suppliers and services. Ideally, that will result in increased efficiency and dollar savings. But savings do not come automatically; the consumer must make a choice." (Source; US Dept. of Energy)


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